• Where do the Republicans Stand?

    Despite what you may hear in the media, the Republican Party is the true home of equality, individual rights and opportunity for all. We believe that government programs can't provide or create success, but it should serve the people by helping create the environment to achieve it.

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  • Join the Republican Party of Norfolk

    By joining the Republican Party of Norfolk, you will have an opportunity to make a positive impact in the future of our City, our State and our Country by becoming an active part of the political process. Membership is open to everyone because in our party, everyone is welcome.

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  • Join Us at an Upcoming Republican Event

    Check out our events calendar and come to one of the many Republican Party events that are held throughout the Second Congressional District each and every month. Meet your neighbors and meet your leaders at these events and make your voice heard-we welcome you to attend.

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Representative Scott Rigell's 2nd District Update